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This arithmetic error distributed in various pages  Despite the rectification of  error made the computation in favor of accused parties, we must note this error as it is also be added to out come the final tally.It is better starts with page No.120 which mentions unmentioned loan  in his TABLE on P.852.
On the loan side is on page 552 in the table he entered only the Bank loans as per PW.182. In the page 551 he notes as PW.160 – R.Bhavani, Deputy Manager, Indian Bank. there is bank loan of 1.5 cores, and per PW.176 – N. Balakrishnan, Deputy Chief Officer, Indian Bank there is bank loan of 1.5 cores, but this is not there in the table on page 552. Also in Page 849,850,and 851 the missed figure is around Rs 1.50,00,0000 . But already The judge only added 25,000,00 So final amount of Rs 4,25,00,000 shall have to be added to the Page No.852 If this could as well included as they are loan from nationalized bank the total income will increase by another Rs.4,25,00,000 to Rs.25,01,65,654.00. It is interesting to note that even if added these omitted figures the final tally and the Percentile DA value is definitely higher than 10% which is max allowable /permissible limit.. So in whatsoever manner if we put the missed figures in appropriate column and rows the net tally is higher than 10% which is terribly change and convert the final verdict on the ACCUSED parties.

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