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Jaya affidavits comparative study

Jayalalithaa  affidavits submitted during her past NOMINATIONS in all elections are also a questionable items  with respect to her assets valuation process and it makes a supporting point for BV Aacharyaa while he goes to file Appeal for SC on this DA case. her earlier affidavit on assets shows immovable assets [ both agri land , resi and commercial buildings]
Ms. Jayalalithaa has houses, commercial buildings and agriculture lands in Chennai and Andhra Pradesh worth Rs. 11.65 crore. Her share in Jaya Publications and in Sasi Enterprises is about Rs. 11 crore
We can verify these data from following  screenshots of her affidavits in the year 2006. She stated her assets, properties and investments, valued at Rs. 25.35 crore

In the year 2001 she had not mentioned any thing about Kodanaad estate and also in the year 2006 also she never said any thing about Kodanaad estate .
 But in the year 2011 surprisingly she mentioned it with just Rs 1 crore only  she mentioned it as follows  as her share value. Also it is noteworthy that in the year 1996 she mentioned it and did not mention her share value in the nomination .affidavit.

In her recent affidavit [ submitted  for R.K.Nagar M.L.A. seat.] she mentioned that she had invested in Kodanaad as approx Rs.3.15 Crores as her half share.
One must also note this varying and hiding facts of this particular assets kodanaad estate which was bought by jaya and her associates  in the year 1995 after initial agreement made out in the year 1992.[ Vide below screenshot on this statement from its parent holder of Kodanaad estate]

it is evident that jayalalithaa is maintaining her 50 % share over this Kodanaadu estate. [this too  is assumed on the fact that "as remaining 50% also on behalf of her close associates, not any body else or any unknown third parties" ..]But  it is very clear from this and definitely she is not lesser than 50% share in this estate property.
 She has said she had invested other companies such as following companies
But here also she mentioned the current value of her share[50% share] on kodanaadu estate is Rs.3,14,84,432 which will be a imaginary very lowest value. 
How.?? and Why..??
In the year 1992 memo of agreement for purchase of this kodanaad estate and reconstitution of partnership made and she and sasi kala and her aides are coming into the partnership in year 1995 and completed and finished all registration in the year 1995. In the year 1996 election nomination affidavit she mentioned all those things . But in the year 2001 she hided these facts and no statement on this Kodanaadu estate. Again in the year 2006 she should have mentioned the value of her share on this  Kodanaadu estate as atleat Rs 1 crore only [ Despite this value is very very low]. But she never mentioned this in her affidavit in year 2006
In the above mentioned verdict, in the page 472 Judge Cunha found this and described in the table as above [also it is as per DVAC Tamil nadu  evidence]
But in the year 2011 only she mentioned in her affidavit of filing Nomination for the general election as just Rs 1 crore only.
How is it possible. to mention this wrong value.?
In the year 1995 itself it is valued at Rs7.6 /crores and it's 50% payment done thro bank loan [ie  around Rs.3.80Cr via bank loan and
remaining Rs.3.80Cr payment as cheque payment. As per her half share definitely the value of the half share in the year 1995 must be Rs 1.90 Cr. But she never mentioned this half share in any of her affidavits till 2011. But again also in the year 2011.she mentioned the value of her Kodanaadu estate as just Rs.1 crore. is it a believable one.?/ Never.. It is highly incredible .In her recent affidavit she mentioned in the affidavit as approx Rs 3.15 Cr only.
Her Poes garden house is valued as per Guidelines value as Rs 45 cr.
If we calculate the kodanaadu estate also as per guide lines value
it is coming as atleast Rs. 200 Cr as her half share value. But she hided this facts conveniently and filed her nomination  with wrong valuation data in the affidavit.
She just put it as approx Rs. 3.15 Cr only in her affidavit for Kodanaadu estate share value.
Also she had a lot of bank deposits found by DVAC during trial stage of her DA assets case

Jayalalitha never mentioned any other share holding properties apart from her 5 firms and companies which were mentioned in her affidavit
But the DVAC found these data from the legitimate sources and proved these are also the assets of Jaya and her aides. She never mentioned it 
Who will find it out.?/  will  this be discussed during appeal stage  by B.V.Acharyaa.?
Only SC will find out and conclude this ...

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